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Closing Costs Estimate

There are associated costs to buying a home that you will need to plan for. The following list of possible expenses may or may not apply, and represents SOME of the costs you MAY incur when buying a home. Obtaining actual cost figures from the service providers is strongly recommended to enable you to accurately calculate your true costs. And don't forget, HST is added to any services that are rendered.

Deposit  (Based on offer, to prove legitimacy as a buyer) $500 - $2,000
Down Payment  (Based on approximate % of purchase price) 0-20% Residential / 30-50% Commercial
Mortgage Application Fee Usually $0, except for Commercial
Appraisal (Sometimes required by your lending institution) $300 - $500
Home Inspection Fee $300 - $500
Home Insurance   (Annual cost, depending on home value) $1,000 - $1,500
Survey   (Title Insurance and/or Survey Certificate) $500 each
Water Test (Bacteria is min. req., other tests available) $20 - $150
Legal Fees & Disbursements 1% of Purchase Price
Heating Oil (Buyer pays for full tank, unless waived in offer) Approx. $1,000
Property Taxes (Buyer/Seller pay portion of year they own home) Prorated
Propane (Buyer pays for full tank, unless waived in offer)  
Propane Tank Rental (if present) Approx. $100 per year
Deed Transfer Tax (Municipal tax, varies depending on county) Approx. 1% of Purchase Price
Hook-up Fees (Phone, Power, Cable, Internet) Check with Providers
Appliances/Furnishings If Required